Redhead Taunts.

Aren’t those people that shout out to you on the street funny?

Isn’t it amusing when they call a Redhead names?

Ok, one thing a Redhead does have to have is a sense of humour and no little patience.
99% of the time, we can take it on the chin, grin and bear it, and even take it as a compliment.
But occasionally, someone steps over the line. A dark haired dullard will push your button and their luck too far.
On these instances, I wonder what would happen if a similar incident occurred with an Asian guy or perhaps a disabled girl.

Oh well, life’s too short.

But here’s the Redhead and proud list of Redheaded terms.

Looks like (Insert Name)'s nits are having a bonfire! (How Hilarious) - in primary school (Liverpool).
Agent Orange.
Andy Pandy
(To this day I have no Idea why).
'Ang Mo'. This means 'red devil' in Chinese. I lived in Singapore for several years and every time I would go out any where, some original individual would shout out 'Eh, Ang Mo!' The words are emblazoned in memory.
Animal. As in Animal out of the muppets (the red one). 
I work as a teacher at a very multicultural school. When I started there, I heard voices calling out "Ann(e) of Green Gaaables!" I just smiled to myself.
Also, when I was in high school, I heard people call out "Little Red-Headed Girl" (from Charlie Brown).
(red short curly hair).
Taunt by the class idiots who were so stupid as to confuse the very non-red furred baboon with an orangutan. The taunt came complete with arm actions and pouty lips (a lot of effort for half-wits).
(hey) Batterbits.
(dr bunsen burners assistant in The Muppet Show).
Belisha Beacon
My mates at school came up with this one for me. its the flashing orange ball mounted on a striped post, marking some pedestrian crossings. 
They laughed and laughed....
Better Dead than Red on the Head.
Big Ginja Cahoonas
[Ginger Bollocks].
Big Red
(after the soda).
Big Red
(chewing gum).
(A) blonde with spice
(meant as a compliment).
Blondes are wild, Brunettes are true, But you never can tell what a redhead will do.
Blue or Bluey
(Australian words for redheads).

Brass Fadge (female equivalent of copperknob).
...nickname for person with red hair, also the dry red branch of a dead spruce or fir tree (burns fast!).
Brindy Teak
...a red-headed Irishman.
(because of the Duracell Bunny... this means we must last longer than mere mortal men :o)
Burning Bush.
Bush fire.
Carrot Top.
Cheeto crotch.
pronounced 'Corch-hen': Welsh for redhead and a favourite of the older generation here in Wales.
Copper Cock.
Copper Crutch.
(like the snake).
Copper Kettle.
(Can't Stop the Copper Top).
Dead Rose.
"Does the carpet match the curtains?".
(How original!).
Dorito head
(Yes, like the snack food in the U.S.)
Do you like reading?....................Have you red pubes??!!!!
Yeah, funny one, Ha Ha Ha (catch the sarcasm).
Drop-dead Fred.
El Gingero
(in opera voice).
Fanta Head.
Fanta Pants.
Fanta Pubes.
(backward spells "redmuff").
Fire in the hole.
Fire truck head.
Flame cranium.
(its' her) Flame to fame.
F.O.T. (F*****g Orange Thing)
- Redheads in the Australian Army are often referred to as this.
FOXY - a man with a red beard.
Foxy Langer.
Foxy Locks.
Freckle Fart from K-Mart.
Freckle features
(very original).
Fred the red.
French fries with ketchup on top
(that's from the original two word phrase "fire-crotch").
Fuse Wire.
My ginger mate always called me 'G-Head' or plain ole 'G', but that last one could simply be down to my name (Gareth).
(an alternate way of saying ginger 
in Northern Ireland).
Get back in your biscuit tin ginger, ginger.
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie 
(sung) - After Kathy Burke's character Linda in the sitcom "Gimme, Gimme, Gimmie"
ging ging ging(the song).
Actually just plain old Ginge as for some reason its missing, and believe it or not just as I was writing this one of my gimpy four eyed dickless colleagues walked in the office and shouted Hiya you fat ginger tosser hows that for timing?.
Ginger (or even Ging-er).
(pronounced gin like bin).
Ginger Beaver.
Ginger Biscuit.
Ginger Brain.
Ginger Bread Man.
Ginger Bun
(nicknamed by my dear old gramps).
Ginger General.
Ginger Haired Monster
I was blessed with this nickname by a six year old irish boy when i visited from America...charming.
Ginger Knob.
Ginger Minge
(or Ginge Minge).
Hey ginge hows your minge? is it red like your head.
Ginger Minger.
Look at the way it rhymes- clever isn't it?! I must say Awe was what I felt at the time. Or was it Pity...? I forget...
(Look out its a) ginger minger. (pronounced ging-er ming-er) This is what i get every day when i walk through school, but then the wrath of the ginger ninja gets revenge on the offender.
Ginger Mo Fo!!
Ginger Moose.
The Ginga Ninja.
Ginger Pussy.
Ginger Ninja Turtle.
Ginger nut.
Ginger Nut fell in the brook and frightened all the fishes, the fish swam up and ate him up, and that was the end of Ginger Nut.
(School taunt in Nuneaton in the eighties).
Ginger mook.
Ginger nuts come in pairs!!
(to two Redheads).
Ginger Pud
(GP for short).
Ginger Pubes.
Ginger quarm
(something to do with cat sick, apparently).
Ginger Rogers.
Ginger speckly freckly hen!!!!!!!!
Ginger Snap.
Ginger Sponge.
Ginger tosser.
is a name that I was blessed with at school.The useful thing about the above e-mail address is that it is very, very easy to remember, and if any members of the opposite sex want to get in touch, I just tell them to mail me on that address (believe em, it's worked! ;-))
PS: I've been called a gingerc**t in my time as well..... !
yi-ha ginge, how's yer m****, is it red, like yer 'ead
(typical school redhead taunt in Grimsby)
Gingus Khan.
G.M.-G.M. doo-doo de doo-doo. 
To the tune of the BN biscuit adverts. G.M. meaning ginger minger.
Goldfish head.
Gonge' Pube.
Goodness, Gracious, great Balls of Fire.
Grande Rojo
("Grande Rojo" is 'Big Red' in Spanish).
Groundskeeper Willie.
Have you been standing out in the rain? Because your hair is rusted!
(ha ha so not funny).
He's walking in the air, he's got ginger hair
(to the tune of 'The Snowman') mm-mmmm.
Henna-headed freak
(particularly annoying as I am redheaded without assistance from any coloring agent, nor am I a freak).
Hey Did you stick your finger in a light socket?
Hey, Red!
"I'd rather be dead then wear RED on my head." -
Sang to me in my early childhood.
If you had a penny for every freckle on your face, you'd be a millionaire!
(okay, so that's more about my freckles than my hair, but they go with the territory.)
I'm gonna beat you like a Red-Hedded Stepchild!!
Irn-bru head.
Is your head on fire?
"It's Howdy Doody Time!"
(Sometimes sung by my classmates when I'd walk into a room. Howdy Doody, of course, was a famous American puppet in the 1950s.)
Jaffa Balls.
Jaffa Flaps.
Jamaican Ginger Cake.
Jolly ginger giant
(instead of green giant).
Lava head.
L'il Orphan Annie.
Little Red.
The big freckly red-headed guy was big red, and I was little red. Really creative.
Little Red Arrow.
Little Red Riding Head.
Looks like a cow farted in your face.
(Lucy Ball).
was the name given to Andrew Scott by the Chemistry teacher at school. When I joined the class, I was known as 
'McVities Improved'

'cos I was better at it... Nicely includes the Scottish part, too.
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman!
(from a 1970's late night show).
(Means tomatohead in some american dialects!).
Minnie the Minx
(from the Beano).
Never trust a ginger.
- seems to only be in new zealand, but hey!
Oh look, she's embarrassed, her face matches her hair.
(Thank you very much.)
Oy' ya minger with gingers? Do the gingers minger with you?
O'Neill, O'Neill, yer an onion peel.

Opie, like Ron Howard's character from "The Andy Griffith Show."
Opie Cunningham (for Ron Howard as a child and a teenager, it must suck to be Ron Howard knowing that you are a taunt).
Orange Crush.
Orange goblin.
Orange ruffy.
Orange stones.
Heid (Scottish).
Pepper Ann
 (you know that cartoon.... she has her own song lol use to always get called that one).
Period head
(how gross!!).
'Pinger Gubes' - work it out!
Pippi Longstocking.
Poils de carotte
- typical french redhead taunt referring to Jules Renard's book.
The Scots-Irish side of my family privately teased their children who had red-gold hair by calling it "piss-brindle." In public, the slightly more genteel "pea-brindle" was the descriptor of choice. 
Piss-brindle red and proud! Love your website....
Postman Pat.
Pumpkin Head.
Pumpkin Pie.
(like pumpkin, but with a American southern drawl).
Raggedy Anne
(the patch doll).
I think it's a derivative of urang-utan, the big orange monkeys. In my part of Australia its a fairly nasty insult, I've not heard it used affectionately.
(I'm never called by my actual name, but rather "red." Sorry that was the best I could do.)
Red Bollocks.
Red Devil.
Redhead, cabbage head, five cents a gingerbread!
From my grandfather, who had red hair when gingerbread WAS only five cents (Philadelphia).
Redhead, freckleface, 
your dad thinks yer a big disgrace!
Redhead, freckleface, your mom just said you're a mistake!
Carrot-top, Carrot-top, hit her quick or else she'll pop!
(Insert Name) the redhead mad as a bear, cause the silly little thing has ugly hair!
Redheaded Devilwoman
(which I take as a compliment because I can be supremely evil and dye my hair to match to rest of the family).
Red-Headed Hamburger!
Can you believe that one? It makes no sense, but it didn't have to to make me feel hurt as a child!
Red Head, Red Head, Fire in the Woodshed.
Red Lep.
Red Louse.
Red on the head: Fire in the bed.
Red on the head: Fire in the hole.
Red on the head like a pecker on a hog.
Red on the Snatch, like the pumpkin in the patch.
Red Man Walking.
Red Red pee your bed, wipe it up with ginger bread.
Red rocks.
Reds, reds, wet their beds, hang their knickers on their heads.
(Old school song for sports day, the red team)
 Red-Headed Step-Child.
Redheaded Freckle-Faced Monster.
Red-headed Rat Rooter.
Red headed squirrel
(don't think there's any such thing, but that's what the boys on the bus called me when I was a little girl, until I cried).
Red-headed Wood-pecker.
 "Red Red pee the Bed. Wipe it up with jelly bread"
Red Snapper.
A kind of shark, there is a story about Led Zeppelin doing obscene things with one.
Rojo Diablo
(Red Devil).
Ronald McDonald.
Roses are red. So is your head. I wish you were dead.
Rust Boy.
Rusty Brillo pad upon having my hair cut short (grade 2).
Rusty gusset.
Rusty nuts.
Rusty Pants.
(Baby Muppet with curly red hair and glasses).
(Imitating a spray can so as not to catch the disease of having red hair).
Stop sign.
Strawberry Short-Cake
(this was a cartoon character in the 70's, she had red curly hair, freckles and was short.) 
Sadly I possesed all but the curly part).
Sunny delight.
Swan Vesta.
"Take cover, theres a fireball wait, thats just your head!".
Tampon head.
(I'm sorry if thats a little rude but thats what I was called at school).
Tangerine Candyfloss (Have you seen Game On?).
Tango Pants.
Tango top. 
(Italian for redhead).
The little red-headed girl.
(Charlie Brown's crush in Peanuts. From the creator, C. Shultz who actually had a crush on a red-head, who never returned his affections, hence she has no name in Peanuts and is simply refered to as "the little red-headed girl".
The nicer redhair threw his father in the well (Italy).
The red Barron.
(I didn't make this up)... There once was a girl with a strawberry curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad she was HORRID.
Thermometer hair.
(I guess that's the best they can think of in elementary school.)
Tomato Top.
I was once called on to answer a question, during an in-service class...the instructor did not know my name, so he simply called me "Torch," instead. Now all my co-workers refer to me as such. I don't mind - it's kinda funny.
Towering Inferno.
Trusty Rusty.
Ugly little girl with Red Hair & Freckles!!
Ugly orange hair.
UPOG (Useless piece o' ginge).
(as in flame haired vixen).
Volcano Head (then they changed the lyrics from the bangles song 'walk like an egyptian' to 'walk like an eruption'. actually, although i feel that ginger taunts are pure racism i have to admit that because of its originality i did have a laugh at that one!).
(Hey) Weasley! As in one of the Weasleys from the Harry Potter novels, hence, I also get anything derived from 'Weasley'.
Wendy or the Little Wendy's Girl (from the fast food chain).
What's your head's postal codes? (my hair is also VERRRRRY bushy!!).
Witchy Woman.

Woody Woodpecker, after the cartoon character.
You have red hair hahaha i am cool and you are ginger.
YOU KNOW WHEN YOU'VE BEEN TANGO'ED! this accompanied by a smack on the head. Bristol secondary school.
You look like you sunbathed under a tea strainer (the freckle thing again).
You're just a dumb blond with high blood pressure.
God I hated that. usually followed by DUHwight in my case.


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